Upcoming Events

Sitri is currently gogo dancing on Facebook live most Saturdays at approximately 11:30PM CST. Like and follow Sitri on Facebook to get notifications! 

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A work from Sitri about future classes: 

Once the current session of my beginner fusion class ends, the studio I have been teaching through is going to be taking a break from hosting virtual belly dance classes. I intend to take a break from teaching as well, and take this as an opportunity to focus on my own training with the time I would have been using doing lesson preparation. It has been an absolute joy to teach and learn and grow with my students over the past year. That being said, I will still be teaching Zumba classes! Watch this space, or here, for details on those classes.

With the dance world being pushed online, there are so many good teachers available right now, including a great deal of dancers of origin. If you are a student who would like to study, and need recommendations or resources, please email me! I’d love to be a resource.

Lastly, I love teaching. I really do! I am well underway to obtaining my AFAA group fitness certification so that I can provide the best class experience possible. If you are with a gym or studio in the Twin Cities, MN or suburbs and are looking for an instructor (fusion bellydance, Zumba®, or otherwise), I’d love to chat! 

A quick note about COVID-19:

COVID-19 has changed everything about day-to-day life. Our theaters are dark, our studios are empty, and green rooms, once filled with laughter, tears, love, and glitter, now sit quietly waiting for us to return. However, not all is lost! We’ve found a new way to connect. We can see each other’s smiles through our screens, train with new teachers, and create events with lineups that never could have been possible before! As we adjust to  a new way of life, both live theater and dance classes are changing, maybe just for a while, maybe forever. No matter what happens, the magic that comes with the experience of live performance and the connection of the performer and audience will never be snuffed out. We will overcome and adapt, as we always have. Much love to you and yours. Stay safe, and keep shining.

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