Upcoming Events

Here is a list of some of the events Sitri is involved in coming up. She’d love to be part of your show/party/festival/etc too. Summon Sitri for your event!

Ground Zero’s Bondage-A-Gogo – February 22nd (Gogo)

Ground Zero is a gothic industrial club with a huge dancefloor, BDSM show in the back, and an absolutely unique atmosphere.

NerdDoms: Pwnage – February 29th (Gogo)

Ba-ding! Congrats you’ve leveled up! Celebrate with your favorite video game characters, classic and modern, in this night of alluring 3D fanfiction! Immerse yourself in the world of kinky fandom at this interactive performance experience.


Sitri also teaches Beginner Transnational Fusion classes on Monday nights. Drop-in classes are a fun, low commitment way to give it a whirl! Click here to get wiggling!