About Sitri

Sitri Sophia is a Fusion and Gogo Dancer from the Twin Cities in Minnesota. She aims to invite audiences to peer into unseen worlds through out-of-the ordinary experiences. She hopes to inspire others to have the courage to be more wholly themselves. She also has the pleasure of being ย a Zumbaยฎ instructor, and previously taught classes on Fusion bellydance.

Fusion Dance Roots and Training

She laid her dance roots in goth club nights in the Twin Cities in 2007, spending long nights on the dance floor. She began formally studying MENAT-inspired dance (which at the time was commonly called Tribal Fusion Bellydance) in 2016, and has trained relentlessly since. In addition to training under a variety of excellent teachers around the St. Paul and Minneapolis area, supplemented by travelling around the Midwest for instruction, she has also pursued a range of online instruction. She values cross-training as a way to deepen her stylizations, and as a way to explore new ways to personify music and tell stories. To date, she has trained in multiple dance forms under the “bellydance” umbrella, as well as dabbling in a wide array of vaudeville artforms, hip hop, Latin dance, and others.

Sitri as a Gogo

Sitri has the extreme pleasure of gogo dancing at Bondage-A-GoGo at Ground Zero in NorthEast Minneapolis. She loves getting to promote a fun, energetic, accepting atmosphere through dance, in the company of a really great group of people. She is available to dance elsewhere, too. While the bulk of her experience is with dark and hard music, Sitri can dance to nearly anything. Use the Contact Form to get in touch! Check out her Instagram for more gogo-related content.